Our mission is to empower students with the tools to advance healthcare technologies and improve patient care around the world

At Blue LINC, interdisciplinary teams of graduate students are assembled with backgrounds in engineering, medicine, business, and design. Blue LINC bridges the gap between real world healthcare problems and an interdisciplinary set of students excited to solve them. Just like the color blue is a novel perception of modern times[1], students in Blue LINC will innovate new ways to solve problems in healthcare.

The program is divided into three stages of Identify, Invent, and Implement. Students will:

    1. LEARN about current challenges in healthcare and the skills necessary to create robust development and financial strategies to successfully launch a novel technology.
    2. INNOVATE by brainstorming new technological solutions to address healthcare challenges.
    3. NETWORK with entrepreneurs, professors, and industry leaders to glean valuable information and guidance towards a successful product launch.
    4. COLLABORATE with diverse talent in engineering, medicine, business, and design to create a multi-faceted, truly unique biomedical solution.

Blue LINC is an accelerated 6-month program to train interdisciplinary teams of graduate students in healthcare innovation and equip them with the tools needed to develop and market biomedical solutions. Blue LINC will begin on August 23rd, with class scheduled for Wednesday evening, from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM at the School of Medicine.


Lectures in the Fall 2017 quarter will be dedicated to forming groups, identifying relevant problems in healthcare and medicine, and generating possible solutions. Students will be given the opportunity to conduct clinical observations during the first half of the quarter, and work with clinical and industry professionals to brainstorm concepts and solutions during the second half of the quarter.


In Winter 2018, student groups will prune their ideas and prototype their hardware and/or software solutions. Students will be taught research and development strategies, financial strategies, and business plan development to learn how to implement their solutions in hospitals, clinics, or the biotechnology marketplace. The Blue LINC course culminates in an Entrepreneur’s Showcase with investors, doctors, and industry representatives in March 2018.


Additional information, including course outline and schedule with dates, can be found in the learning objectives and lecture schedule documents.


Blue LINC is seeking highly motivated individuals, who have an interest in solving critical healthcare problems, from all backgrounds. If you are interested in getting involved, please submit an application.